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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Should Cheaters Be Allowed To Prosper?

Today the hometown boys, the San Diego Padres, played the Giants. Barry Bonds struck out in his first at bat and then hit a homerun the next time around. (Here.)

Everybody knows about the new book coming out that claims Bonds knowingly used steroids, and a lot of them, starting in 1999, when his slugging percentage and homerun hitting percentage went sky high. Kids growing up are often told not to cheat because "cheaters never prosper." Apparently that's not really the case.

Now that we know for sure how effective steroids are at improving power stats for batters, the question for Major League Baseball is whether prospering cheaters should be allowed to keep playing. Mister Americano says, "hell no."

What's good enough for Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose is good enough for Barry Bonds.

So far Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has not taken any punitive action. It's early yet so there's still time for him to act. Although every day that Bonds remains in a uniform is another day that he comes closer to passing Babe Ruth for career homeruns.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis must be rolling in his grave. (Here.)


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