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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tutoring Adults In Reading.

San Diego's READ program held its annual awards banquet this evening. "READ/San Diego provides free tutoring services for adults 18 years of age and older in San Diego Public branch libraries as well as in partnership programs throughout the City and County." (Website here.) The tutors are volunteers.

Adult illiteracy is an expensive problem that costs the American economy $73 billion each year. Companies spend almost $17 billion each year on workers with low literacy skills. It is estimated that there are 93 million adults in the United States in need of some literacy assistance.

READ San Diego's annual banquet showcases the volunteers who give of themselves to help others learn. (Pictured at left is Lorraine Rankin after receiving her commendation for tutoring.) But the stars of the evening are the adult learners who had the courage, discipline, and work ethic to better themselves. (Pictured at right is Ranleigh Miller whose advances in reading have enabled him to obtain a better job so he can better support his wife and their new child. He now is able to read to his child. And his improved literacy has enabled him to learn to use a computer.)





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