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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Moslems Bombing Mosques In Iraq.

The news in Iraq doesn't look good since the Shiite mosque was bombed. These Iragi blogs (here and here) are reporting from the ground. A few things are clear.

First, within Iraq it's as clear as it's ever been that the US should have killed Moqtada al-Sadr when it had the chance. The little creep is just plain trouble. Most of the violence against Sunnis appears concentrated in regions near where his thugs have their stronghold. Some enemies you co-opt, some you marginalize, and others you kill. Mookie falls in the third category. Can we do it now?

Second, the Sunni Arabs in Iraq made a huge mistake when they chose to let Zarqawi and his killers hide out within their communities. If the Shiites finally decide they've had enough the Sunni Arabs will have nobody but themselves to blame.

Third, on a broader scale, it's not Jews or Crusaders blowing up mosques. It's Moslems. The US has been careful not to make its war on terror a war against Islam. Shiites and Sunnis apparently have no qualms about fighting a religious war against each other. Mister Americano has long believed there is a multiparty civil war being fought within Islam. One conflict involves Sunnis against Shiites. That's apparently been going on for centuries. The other conflict involves Islamist extremists against moderates and has been fought for decades now throughout the Moslem world. This conflict is fought between Shiites and Sunnis and within the Shia and Sunni communities. Islam in the 21st Century is a mess and there's no getting around that fact.





Blogger Zena said...

Did you ever think that perhaps America just should never have gone and stuck its nose into something that wasn't any of its business??!!
Can't you trace the roots of all these problems back to the beginning of this "war against terror"? I put it between inverted commas because the whole thing was a farce. The whole thing was a farce and its just heart breaking to think that for reasons that were neither moral nor legitimate, the USA sent hundreds of thousands of troops to their death (or severe injury) and set in motion events that would result in an inexcusable amount of deaths of innocent civilians; men, women and children. Religion is the weak point of alot of people, and for centuries it has been used to fuel wars, the purpose of which had absolutely no relation to religion at all. The world is a giant chessboard, and religion is the strongest piece those who want to control the world have.

10:24 PM


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