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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moslem Cartoon Publication Not An Either-Or Event In War On Terror.

Hugh Hewitt continues his criticism today of the Danish newspaper's decision to publish the cartoons that have offended Moslems around the world. He continues to view the publication through a black and white, either-or lens. It's clear that he views the publication as a major mistake that gave a victory to the Islamist extremists we are fighting in this war. (Here.)

As we argued before, this cartoon controversy both hinders and benefits our war effort. It gave propaganda ammunition to our enemy. But it also illuminated once again the nature of the enemy and made clear the consequences of defeat to our freedoms, which will strengthen our resolve to fight this war, it smoked out the enemy within, and it has forced moderate Moslems, once again, to face the fact that Islamist extremists have tarred the image of Islam and that they, the moderates, have to do something about it. Moderate Moslems are not prepared to go to war against the West over this incident. The people who are, we were fighting already. (Read our views in full here and here.)

Several days ago Hewitt chastised bloggers for viewing the issue too simply and not understanding that the issue transcends "either-or" thinking.
"Many commentators want to define the debate as an either/or choice between the cartoonists and the jihadists. That's not the debate at all, and suggests an inability to grasp the real complexity here. It is not only consistent but compelling to both demand that the jihadists who threaten the press or who burn embassies be defeated and to also conclude that the cartoon fiasco was an unnecessary and expensive diversion from the central confrontation with the jihadists."

As Hewitt said this is not an "either-or" situation. Some of us have tried to go beyond that simple dichotomy. It would be useful if Hewitt would examine in more depth whether the publication and the ensuing controversy is solely a victory for the jihadists.


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