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Friday, February 03, 2006

War Is Sometimes The Answer

The unresolved situation in Iraq has caused a steep decline among Americans to support the war. Despite the difficulties faced in Iraq and the failure to find evidence of WMDs, Americans appear willing to go to war with Iran to stop the mullahs from obtaining a nuke. (Zogby poll here.)
"The comprehensive new Zogby poll shows that 64% of respondents favor joint U.S.-European military intervention to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and 63% favor joint military action with the United Nation to stop Iran’s nuclear program. Another 47% would support unilateral military action by the U.S. against Iran."

The lesson Americans seem to have learned from the liberation of Iraq is that when military action is necessary it should be done multilaterally not alone. Americans still embrace the need for war in some circumstances. Given the dangerous times we live in, the resolve of the American people is encouraging. If Iran's government doesn't back down, we will be in some kind of shooting war with them by year's end and it won't be without popular support in the US.




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