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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Apologizing To Iran On Behalf Of The United States

Osama bin Laden's recent endorsement of Rogue State author William Blum suggested that if only the United States would apologize and make amends for its actions in the world, terrorists would stop attacking the US.

If that's all it takes, here's Mister Americano's apology on behalf of the USA to the Iranian people, whose government supports international terrorism.

We're sorry for our part in helping the Ayatollah Khomeni return to Iran. We're sorry that once the nature of his regime became apparent we did not support an Iranian military coup. We're sorry that we stood by helplessly in 1979 and then attempted a weak rescue attempt of the American hostages held in Iran, instead of declaring war on the Iranian theocracy and overthrowing that regime. We're sorry that we elected Jimmy Carter. We're sorry that George W. Bush wasn't old enough to be President at the time. We're sorry that we stopped after liberating your neighbors in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of moving on to liberate your country. We're sorry that we've done so little to support the Iranian democratic opposition in their efforts to free themselves from tyranny.

We hope we still have the opportunity to make it up to you. And we hope that once you are no longer under the thumbs of the clerics, you find it in your hearts to forgive us for not helping you sooner.




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