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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Measure Of Good News About Iraq.

A member of Iraq's democratically elected parliament is visiting San Diego. Yonadam Kanna spoke at a public event and gave an upbeat assessment of conditions in his home country. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the story.
"As part of his 10-day trip, he's meeting with Iraqis around the United States to give his viewpoint on the prognosis for his country. San Diego County has the third-highest population of Iraqis in the country, behind Detroit and Chicago.

'The picture you have here is not correct,' he told about 300 people. 'Today Iraq is free without Saddam and even small Saddams.'

Although he couldn't give a timetable, Kanna said he believes that U.S. troops will soon not be needed to provide security in Iraq's major cities.

'For sure in the coming weeks or months, you will see the withdrawal of forces,' Kanna said.

He said economic conditions have improved in Iraq, noting that police officers and teachers who used to be paid only $30 per month now receive $300 monthly.

'We are on the way as a free economy,' he said.

Kanna said he hopes to set up Iraqi consulates in Chicago, Detroit and San Diego, and help Iraqis who fled their homeland recover property confiscated under Hussein."
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