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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Who Would Jesus Bomb Is The Wrong Question.

Mister Americano saw a bumper sticker this morning on the back of a Volvo that read: "Who would Jesus bomb?" Admittedly, Jesus probably wouldn't bomb anybody. Unfortunately for smart-ass peaceniks, Jesus has a Dad.

Call him Yahweh, Jehoveh, or just plain God, whatever. You may have read about him. He's the God of the Old Testament and he's never been a God who is shy about having his followers wage war on their enemies. We're not talking namby-pamby wars that end with an armistice or truce, a peace treaty, or even surrender and occupation. No, we're talking wars of genocide and conquest. He's a "kill them all and I'll sort them out" kind of God.

So, who would Jesus bomb? Maybe nobody. But that doesn't matter because Jesus is a good Son obedient to his Father. The real question is, who would God the Father bomb? In today's world, there are plenty of targets.


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