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Thursday, March 09, 2006

This Day In The History Of Terrorism On American Soil.

Today is the 29th anniversary of the day when a group of Muslim terrorists first attacked on United States soil. On March 9, 1977, just three blocks from the White House, 12 Hanafi Muslims seized 134 hostages while taking over 3 buildings. Among the buildings taken were the Islamic Center, the B'nait Brith international headquarters, and Washington D.C.'s District building. The terrorists surrendered after negotiations two days later. Two people were shot, one fatally.

According to the Global Security website, the Hanafi school in Islam is a more tolerant strain within Sunni Islam. It is dominant in Iraq. The Hanafi attack in the United States was done to avenge murders committed by Black Muslims. (Here.)
A sectarian dispute in the United States was transformed into a mass hostage taking by Hanafi Muslims in Washington, DC in 1977. The Hanafi Movement in the United States was founded by Hamas Abdul Khaalis in 1968. Khaalis, formerly Ernest 2X McGee, had been the Nation of Islam's first National Secretary and a friend of Malcolm X. He had converted to orthodox Islam and founded the Hanafi Movement with money donated by Kareem Abdul-Jabar. On 09 March 1977, Khaalis and about a dozen of his followers armed with shotguns and machetes seized control of seized the District Building [city hall], the B'nai B'rith building, and the Islamic Center, in the District of Columbia. Khaalis said they were seeking revenge for the murders of Khaalis' family members by Black Muslims in 1973. They held 134 hostages for more than 39 hours, they shot Washington DC city councilman Marion Barry in the chest, and they shot a radio reporter dead. The standoff ended and the hostages were freed after ambassadors from three Islamic nations joined the negotiations. The Hanafis were convicted and sentenced to long terms in prison.

Thus, the attack does not appear to be part of Islamism's jihad against the West, although some place it within that conflict. Read more about the history of the Islamist's jihad at the website of the documentary film, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. (Here.)


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Anonymous infidel29 said...

I had only a vague rememberance of this incident until today. After having read your blog and doing some other reading about this incident, I'm curious about who these muslims were, specifically. Where are they now, are they still in prison? Are they in contact with other muslims on the outside, are they on a terror watch-list? I have lots of questions.

9:53 AM


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