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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Team Japan Gets Robbed

The World Baseball Classic game between the US and Japan just got marred by a bad umpiring call. The umpires wrongly ruled in the 8th inning that a Japanese runner left 3d base early on a sacrifice fly and called him out at home. The TV replay clearly shows the runner did not leave early. In the 9th inning, the game remains tied 3-3.

Mister Americano loves baseball. And true to his name he's rooting for Team USA. But he loves Japan too and would be happy to see their team in the finals. The Japanese play really good baseball and they have a shot at winning the title. It's tempting to root for them after the bad call. It would be a shame if the US wins the game because of an umpire's mistake. If there's a just God in heaven, somebody will blow the game out in the 9th.

UPDATE: There might be a God in heaven but he's not a just one. Team USA wins by 1 run, 4-3. Without the bad call it would be 4-4. Japan and the USA were very evenly matched and it was a great baseball game. Both teams deserved to win. That's not how it works, however.




Anonymous Jaydee Geerson said...

I'm also a USA citizen and fan, but I was shocked at this horrible call. Imagine the shoe on the other foot. Sadahara Oh should lodge a formal protest and the governing bodies of the WBC (whoever on earth they may be) should rule in favor of Japan. Really, I would be in favor of somehow scheduling a replay of the game, starting in the 8th inning with Japan ahead 4-3, runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 out... Anyone know how I would reach WBC officialdom and also perhaps how to get an email through to Mr. Oh or to Nippon PB? I'd like to strongly urge them to lodge that complaint. I think there's half a chance the WBC would do the right thing.. Oh, and if I was Derek Jeter or any American star, I would simply refuse credit for this win. In the end it's a matter of self-respect, you know?...

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