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Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Atheist World At War

One of the myths atheists like to believe is that the world would be a better and more peaceful place without religion. You'd think the 20th Century would have put a end to that one. That atheists still believe the myth is proof that they believe in fairy tales just as much as religious people do.

Leave it to the South Park guys to take a whack at the peace-loving atheism myth. Last weeks's episode saw Cartman frozen in suspended animation and awakened 500 years later into a world without religion where three atheist factions are at war with each other. (Here.)

The South Park writers are smarter than atheists. They know that the problem is within us no matter what our beliefs or nonbeliefs. Humans have a will to power that will always result in warfare somewhere. As Kyle said at the end of another great South Park episode, "war is the natural order of life." (Here.)


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Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

I don't think that atheists claim to be all peace-loving. And certainly not all god believers are peace loving either.

But as a way to motivate masses of people towards a political goal, religion is probably the best tool to use to do this.

It is markedly more difficult to motivate people who don't believe in a god, to die for one.

Where god belief isn't a strong social dynamic, like in North Korea for example, the motivator becomes the "cult worship of the leader."

Both tactics are successful at herding people towards a common political cause.

I would prefer that reason was exercised often in preference to faith in a supernatural entity or faith in a cult leader, but of course, I am in the minority.

7:24 PM

Anonymous Brian Parra said...

Great, now the righties are resorting to quoting South Park. As if that's a reliable source for moral guidance. It's ALMOST as ridiculous as quoting the Bible.

Well at least no one has ever been killed for not liking South Park by zealous devotees of South Park.

9:43 AM


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