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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lou Dobbs Congress Redux

Last week we argued that Democrats should thank Lou Dobbs for his hard work preparing the way for them to take over the Congress. (Here.) Apparently, Peter Beinart says that Democrats are moving closer to Lou Dobbs's simple-minded positions on illegal immigration. (Here, via John Derbyshire on NRO's Corner.) It's understandable really. Five years after 9/11 Democrats still don't know who America's enemy is. Lou Dobbs provides an answer. The enemy is Mexico and all those oh so scary Mexicans who come to the United States to work.

This is another issue that George Bush has got right and his base has got wrong. He proposes some additional border security and legalization for illegal aliens. Dobbs brands this amnesty because it forgives people who broke the law. For Dobbs and his supporters it's all so simple. Illegal aliens broke the law so anything less than deportation is amnesty. But many illegal aliens actually add value to this country. Many have put down roots here and this country is now their home. Legalization would benefit them and us.

In the criminal law context, defendants who break the law but who can be reformed, or who pose no threat to society, or who have something to offer don't necessarily get sent to prison. They get probation. We should offer the same option to illegal aliens in this country.

Probation for illegal aliens not amnesty.


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