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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Conservative Myopia

All or nothing Conservatives this election are turning on the one American party that welcomes their input and sometimes implements their policies. And why? Let's see what purist conservative pundit Bruce Bartlett has to say about his decision to vote for Democrats:
"In short, when I vote Democratic next week for the first time in my life, what I am really voting for is gridlock. I am not voting for the Democratic Party's policies, most of which I still oppose. Rather, I am voting for change, congressional oversight and White House accountability. I am voting against Republican corruption and out-of-control spending. If that takes putting Democrats in charge of Congress, then so be it." (Here.)
Five years after 9/11 with America fighting a world wide ideological war against Islamist Jihad, conservatives are putting domestic politics first, violating their own principles, and voting for a party opposed to everything they believe in. Which begs the question: Are conservatives adults?


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