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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Flaunting The Cracker Within.

If you're an anti-illegal immigrationist and you don't want to be called a racist (here and here), you might not want to make statements like the one made recently by a leader of a group affiliated with the Minutemen. (That's pronounced my-newt-men, as in men who are minute: "Exceptionally small; tiny. See Synonyms at small. Beneath notice; insignificant.")
"'These people coming here are the poorest of the poor, the undesirables – not everyone, but the vast majority,' [Jeff] Schwilk said. 'They include a large criminal element, and many of them are diseased. We are all compassionate people, but there is a limit to our compassion'" (Here.)
You've got to wonder whether somebody who uses the word "diseased" to describe illegal immigrants is thinking of them as human. The word "diseased" is not typically used to describe people who are sick. It usually refers to animals or meat. Don't agree? Well, I hope you keep your diseased kids home from school when they aren't feeling well.


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