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Thursday, July 06, 2006

On Your Way, Jose. (Canseco, That Is.)

San Diego's minor league team, the Surf Dawgs, traded Jose Canseco to Long Beach. (Here.) Canseco lasted one game in San Diego and then demanded to be traded for family reasons.

Good riddance. San Diego doesn't need an admitted steroids user playing baseball in town, especially at a stadium named after a true class act, Tony Gwynn.

Canseco's short tenure in San Diego stands in stark contrast to another famous former leaguer who played for the Surf Dawgs. Rickie Henderson was on the team last year. He was a joy to watch. Henderson looked like he was having fun on the field and there was something about him that said Major Leagues.

Below are some low res photos of Rickie at bat taken with my cellphone at a Surf Dawgs game last year. Enjoy.


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