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Monday, June 26, 2006

San Diego Prays For Global Warming.

The weekend games between the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners saw a record number of homeruns hit at Petco Park in a three-game series: 14. Petco is notorious for being a pitcher's park where it is nearly impossible to hit the ball out. Padres fans wonder why opposing players don't seem to have a problem going yard there but that would be another story.

Here's the reason given for all the baseballs flying out of the park in San Diego this weekend:
"The ball's really carrying well right now," right fielder Brian Giles said yesterday after the Padres' 40th home game. "It's warm and humid. Hopefully it stays warm and humid the rest of the year."
Reliever Scott Linebrink, who sits in the home bullpen beyond center field, said "the atmospheric conditions are what causes (the ball) either to jump or fall short. The weather being hot like it is, and watching the ball jump out of the yard in batting practice, I think everybody wasn't surprised."(Here.)
The news story gave other possible reasons including changed air flow due to new construction and some other flat earth theories that prevent San Diegans from facing Al Gore's inconvenient truth. The Earth's warming will cause more homeruns to get hit out of Petco Park. Maybe the future doesn't look so bad after all.


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