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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bonds Passes Ruth.

Mister Americano was at Petco Park on Sunday watching the Padres beat the Cardinals by doing something they've rarely done all year: hitting the damn baseball!

Midway through the game, the scoreboard showed a replay of Barry Bonds hitting number 715 to pass Babe Ruth as baseball's all-time left-handed homerun hitter. What a sad day for baseball.

For the record, the crowd booed. Not the kind of booing you usually hear at a game. This was different. There was muttering and a stirring in the crowd and then the booing started. This was an expression of smoldering anger.

It's too depressing to write about this any more. I've written all I really care to write about this subject before. (Here and here, for example.) So I'll just say again what I've said before.

What's good enough for Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose is good enough for Barry Bonds.


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