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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our Constitution En Espanol Courtesy of Lou Dobbs

Anti-immigrationists made a big fuss a few weeks ago about a Spanish-language interpretation of our national anthem. They have also argued in favor of making English America's national language so that all government business would be done in English only.

So imagine Mister Americano's shock at discovering the official website of the anti-immigrationists' demagogue in chief has a link to a Spanish translation of the Constitution. (Here.) That's right, the website of Lou Dobbs links to a site that translates America's most hallowed document into the language of the invaders flooding our country from the south. The site translates the Constitution into the language of another enemy, French. It also translates the document into Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, and simplified Chinese. (Here.)

How odd that Dobbs would allow a link on his website to foreign language translations of the Constitution, especially since he put the link in a special box that lists required reading for Americans. Here's his personal message introducing the link.
"Required Reading

'I believe there are two historical documents that should provide a frame of reference for every American. The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are too often ignored or poorly understood by our elected officials from City Hall to the White House. We're providing these two documents on our Web site for your convenience, and I hope you will join me by reading them often and regularly.

All the best,'
Lou Dobbs"
It's wrong to do a Spanish riff on the national anthem but it's okay to translate the Constitution so that Americans can read it in other languages? Isn't multilingualism a threat to America's unity as a nation? Maybe Dobbs is a multiculturalist at heart.


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