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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good News In San Diego Election Results

The results are still unofficial because some 24,000 absentee ballots still need counting but they are looking good so far for voters opposed to Donna Frye. (Click here for results.) In this primary election Frye was only able to muster 43 percent of the vote. A full 50 percent of the vote went to Republican candidates. The remaining 7 percent of the vote was split between the candidate favoring bankruptcy now, the libertarian, the populist radio show host, and some fringies.

WIth voter registration favoring Democrats over Republicans 39 to 33 percent, Frye was only able to muster 4 percentage points over that base, while the Republican candidates got 17 percent over that base.

Obviously, turnout makes all the difference in these elections because the partisan percentages of voters casting ballots will differ from the registration percentages. But the key points to keep in mind with this result are that Frye sought to win a majority in this election not just the lead, the Democratic Party in San Diego is pushing her candidacy hard, and still all she could muster was a measly 4 percentage points over her base.

A lot can happen between now and the runoff in November but as of today the prospects are looking better for Frye to lose.




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