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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Amnesty's Misguided Response To The London Bombing.

The same day the Islamists targeted and killed civilians in London in their continuing war against the West, Amnesty International issued a statement condemning the atrocity. (Click here for statement.)

The statement starts out well enough by condemning the attacks but then it goes wrong at the end with this final sentence:

These attacks must stop. Those responsible must be brought to justice in proceedings which meet international standards.

It's true these attacks must stop. But treating those responsible as criminals who must be prosecuted in a court of law is not going to get the job done. Also Amnesty is opposed to the death penalty. Trying the terrorists who ordered these attacks and putting them in prison instead of executing them is not going to be enough either.

We are in a war. The July 7th terrorist attacks on London were not criminal acts; they were acts of war. Amnesty doesn't accept that fact. The people responsible for these attacks, not the suicide bombers themselves obviously but their leaders and fellow jihadis, need to be tracked down and killed. That's what you do to your enemies in wartime. You seek them out and you kill them. Those that do get captured should either be sent to Gitmo to spend the rest of the war there, no matter how long it takes, or to be tried in a military tribunal and executed, if appropriate.

Once Nazis were a terrible threat to peace. Nazis today are pathetic jokes lacking the power to do much of anything. When Islamists become like Nazis today then we'll have won the war. Once that day comes, the terrorists captured during this war can be released. Until then, they can do their praying behind bars.




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