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Sunday, June 26, 2005

What Does Xavier Mean Again, Padres Fans?

Back in April this blog said Xavier, as in Xavier Nady of the San Diego Padres, stands for "savior" because of his right-handed power to left field. (See post here.) San Diego's Petco Park has a deep, deep right field making it difficult for the current crop of Padres players, whose power is to right, to hit homeruns at home. Visiting teams don't seem to have that trouble, but whatever.

After two months of sitting on the bench Nady is back in the lineup because injuries have decimated the starting lineup. And what has been the result? On Friday he hit a homerun to center field. On Saturday he hit a homerun to left field. And, today, Sunday, in the 4th inning he hit the first homerun ever to the top (the fourth floor) of the Western Metal Supply Building down the left field line.

X deserves to be in the starting lineup every day.


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