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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Taking A Plunge.

Well, my Christmas shopping didn't end quite as planned today. The two pictures in this post show where my Subaru Forester ended up after being rear-ended by a Volvo on a freeway off-ramp at the top of an embankment.

What a wild ride. No rollover, fortunately. The other driver was able to start her car, even with its smashed front end. But rather than driving to side of the off-ramp to get out of the way, she drove away, thereby turning a mere accident into a crime. Too bad for her I was able to climb up the embankment and get her license plate number.

The Forester is a nice little car. It handled the slope really well and didn't roll over. If I have to buy a new car, it's gonna be another Forester. Or a Volvo, like the one driven by the other driver. That car took a beating but still was able to drive away and lose a witness that was following behind.

I'd like to take this moment to thank the guy, named Guy, by the way, who tried to follow the other driver and who then came back to help me out.

No serious injuries so far. Just sore muscles and lots of aches and pains. I'm self-medicating with some bourbon even now.


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Blogger Maria Teresa said...

aah! dear lord dave! good to hear you're alright!

anyhow, i would like to protest whatever right you think you have to call yourself "mister americano"

as i recall its a little more like "mister drip"


10:49 PM


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