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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

None Dare Call It Christmas.

San Diego's annual Christmas celebration occurs this weekend in Balboa Park. The San Diego Union-Tribune headlines its article about the upcoming party as "Balboa Park launches 29th December Nights." (Here.)

The headline is false. This is Balboa Park's fifth year celebrating something called December Nights. For 24 years until 2002, the celebration was called Christmas on the Prado. Why the change to December Nights? "A park spokeswoman says the name is meant to reflect San Diego's diversity and the fact that events are now held all over the park, not only on the Prado." (Here.)

In reality the change was made because Balboa Park is a city-owned park and governments don't celebrate Christmas anymore. Now we celebrate December and diversity. Of course, the only reason we celebrate one of the coldest and darkest months of the year is because of Christmas. But none dare call it Christmas because diversity is a one-way street that requires the majority to suppress itself so as not to give offense. So, Happy December to you and yours.


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Blogger cathrina said...

come on now..its the merriment and the joyous nature for which one should celebrate christmas..the name doesnt matter..all i know is that this christmas let everyone know that we care and love all the people of earth..

11:12 PM

Blogger The Do Gooder said...

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12:29 AM

Blogger The Do Gooder said...

If "Christmas" IS a one time of the year event in which everyone settles differences, gives without limit, and loves without fail...i agree with Cathrina...we probably should go ahead and label it "December Nights."

For I hardly doubt that one month out of twelve filled with laughter, joy and acceptance is hardly what Jesus Christ came for.

12:54 AM


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