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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Real Shame Five Years After 9/11

Keith Olbermann used his platform as a news reader Monday night to deliver a partisan rant against the Bush Administration. (Here.) Its early paragraphs complained that five years after 9/11 there is no memorial or new building at the site of the former World Trade Center.
"Five years later this space is still empty.

Five years later there is no memorial to the dead.

Five years later there is no building rising to show with proud defiance that we would not have our America wrung from us, by cowards and criminals.

Five years later this country's wound is still open.

Five years later this country's mass grave is still unmarked.

Five years later this is still just a background for a photo-op.

It is beyond shameful."
Actually, there's no shame in it at all. We are still fighting the war brought home to our country by the attacks on 9/11. The time for memorials will be after the war is over.

The real shame in our country is that five years after 9/11 there is no bipartisan consensus over how to fight this war, and what victory will look like. For that, the blame can be spread far and wide among both Republicans and Democrats.


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