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Sunday, September 03, 2006

David Wells, The Padres, And The Playoffs.

Mister Americano is going to today's Padres game against the Reds. David Wells is set to start his first game for the Padres this year.

Judging by the talk radio phone calls, Padres fans are excited about Boomer "coming home" to San Diego. Count this fan out.
Last year, the Padres needed Wells more than they need him this year but he wasn't around because two years ago Wells abandoned the Padres for the Red Sox. So much for home town loyalty.

The Pads remain ahead in the Wild Card race but have fallen four games behind the Dodgers in the Western Division. San Diego's weakness all year has been hitting. Pitching has been the team's strength.

Two trading deadlines have come and gone now and what have the Padres done to increase the team's chances for the playoffs? Not much, really. Russell Branyan and Todd Walker to play third base. Both players are looking pretty good so far but neither is an impact player and the team still considers third base a hole that needs filling.

The one impact player the Padres picked up is Wells. The portly player is a proven playoff pitcher. But the team has to make it to the playoffs first. Wells is a starting pitcher so he will play every five days. He's not going to make an impact day to day the way a proven major league hitter would have.

That being said, the trade is not bad for the team. If Wells performs like he has in the past month for Boston, his addition will be positive. The team has not given up much to get him in George Kotteras, a minor league catching prospect. The Pads are strong behind the plate and won't miss his loss much.

Nevertheless, the team has done next to nothing to fortify its weak hitting and instead has done what it always does, concentrate on strengthening their already formidable pitching staff. The team has a shot at the playoffs through the Wild Card but it will be lucky if it makes it far in the playoffs. Pitching keeps you in the game, but it's hitting that wins the game and this team doesn't hit.


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