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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why Attack Iran?

It was reported today that President Bush is leaving all options open for dealing with Iran's nuclear ambitions, including military action and the use of nuclear weapons. (Here.) Hugh Hewitt has a straw poll on his website that asks readers to choose what the President should do regarding Iran. (Here.)

It's an interesting question. As with all multiple choice questions the answers are limited. Mister Americano favors the military option but not as described in the poll.
"Order military action to degrade the nuclear program as soon as the Pentagon says it is capable of conducting such a mission."
The goal of the attack should not be limited to degrading the nuclear program. The goal of the attack should be to overthrow the regime. The reason Iran should be attacked is because its government is an enemy in the War on Terror.

Iran is a long-time enemy of the United States. It's our oldest enemy in the War on Terror. Its government commited an act of war against the US when it allowed our embassy to be overrun and our citizens to be held hostage way back when Jimmy Carter was President. America's big mistake was not to overthrow the mullahs then. Ever since Iran has been a major state sponsor of terrorism.

It warrants emphasizing that the War on Terror is not just a war against terrorists and terrorist groups. It's also a war against the states that sponsor terrorism. Today Iran continues to fight us with a proxy war in Iraq. Terrorists it supports are killing American troops.

Iran should be attacked as part of the War on Terror not because it's seeking nuclear weapons. Iran's ambition to possess nuclear weapons doesn't make the country our enemy. The proxy war against us in Iraq and the support of terrorism make Iran our enemy.

One of the things that must happen before we win the War on Terror is the overthrow of Iran's government. We have over 100,000 troops conveniently located right next door. Let's get on with it.


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