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Sunday, April 16, 2006

What Is This Guy Smoking?

There was a time when George Will recognized that America is not a libertarian, small government country. Americans support Social Security, Medicare, Public Education, and all the other programs that provide a safety net. Americans want a government that is big enough to help people when they need it. At one time in his career Will recognized this political fact. Who knows what to make of this?
The 211 Republicans who voted for big government regulation of speech will have no principled objection. How many principled Republicans remain? Only 18. The following, who voted against restricting 527s:

Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland), Chris Chocola (Indiana), Jeff Flake (Arizona), Vito Fossella (New York), Trent Franks (Arizona), Scott Garrett (New Jersey), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Ernest Istook (Oklahoma), Walter Jones (North Carolina), Steve King (Iowa), Connie Mack (Florida), Cathy McMorris (Washington), Randy Neugebauer (Texas), Ron Paul (Texas), Mike Pence (Indiana), John Shadegg (Arizona) and Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia).

On this remnant of libertarian, limited-government conservatism a future House majority can be built. The current majority forfeited its raison d'etre on April 5. (Here.)
That's right. You read it correctly. A new GOP majority in the House can be built around Ron Paul.

Being against George W. Bush has driven many a Democrat into near insanity. Since Hurrican Katrina and Harriet Miers destroyed President Bush's administration, something similar seems to be happening among conservative Republicans. Get ready for a new Democratic majority in Congress.


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