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Friday, December 30, 2005

Hope Rekindles For Chris Matthews' Head Exploding On TV

It looks like Ahmed al-Chalabi can't be counted as down and out just yet. According to the blog, Iraq the Model, (here) "Chalabi has been asked to run the oil ministry after the minister Mohammed Bahr al-Iloom was forced to take a whole month off!" The change apparently came in a dipute over gas price increases. Iraq the Model goes on to say this about Chalabi:
"It’s worth mentioning that Chalabi is the head of the “energy committee” in the cabinet which apparently qualified him to replace the overthrown minister and makes one think that Chalabi will be the UIA’s candidate for the same post in the new government. I don’t want to talk about Chalabi Now but from what we see it seems that although Chalabi separated from the UIA, he is still considered as a loyal ally for the religious Shia parties."
Iraq the Model is a blog run by an Iraqi that is very informative about the political workings inside Iraq now. His posts confirm Mister Americano's outside impression of Iraqi politics that all the important stuff happens behind the scenes after the elections when the parties and the players start their negotiating. His posts also provide a look at Iraqi politics that is nowhere seen in American media, whether it be TV, radio, or print. American media coverage of Iraq's politics is shameful in its ignorance and simplicity.


PS: As for Chris Matthews, as anybody who has watched his MSNBC show, Hardball, knows, Chalabi is one of his bogeymen. It's no stretch to imagine Matthews' head exploding at the prospect of Chalabi emerging in a position of power in Iraq despite losing a seat in the new parliament.



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