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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Voting On Miers.

Mister Americano has been appalled at the lack of partisan loyalty displayed by the conservative punditry over the nomination of Harriet Miers. It reveals that the conservatives who had supported Bush are not partisan Republicans they are idealogues loyal to their cause and nothing more. Not content with less than a full loaf, they'd rather have no loaf at all. The President has given conservatives a pretty full loaf on judicial confirmations at every level of the federal judiciary so far. These conservatives have treated the President terribly by attacking his judgment and abandoning him over this nomination. He deserved better from them.

Miers appears to be a well-regarded lawyer who has practiced with competence and professionalism her entire career outside government and inside it. There ought to be room on the Supreme Court for a person of that caliber.

But this fight has never really been about qualifications. It's been about the punditry's juvenile desire to have a fight with the Democrats and their disappointment that one of their own cronies was not picked.

Mister Americano has taken no position to date on whether Miers ought to be confirmed and will not do so now. The hearings ought to count for something so he will remain neutral until then. Miers appears qualified and deserves a hearing. She should not withdraw and the President should not pull her nomination.

But in the interest of being counted in this poll (here) of the blogosphere, Mister Americano says this: "I am neutral on the Miers nomination."




Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

It seems that Harriet Miers has already been defeated. See The Christian Prophet blog:

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