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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pundits To Bush: "Cronyism For Me But Not For Thee."

The anti-Harriet Miers temper tantrum continues. Below all the conservative pundits' fine arguments about qualifications, intellectualism, accomplishment, etc. is this bottom line: President Bush didn't pick one of their cronies from their list of preferred candidates.

Near the end of a fine post refuting Judge Bork's embarrassing anti-Miers essay, Hugh Hewitt, figures that out.
I really don't know what to make of the anti-Miers collective, except that they are anti-Miers, and have a list of a few people they'd have preferred to see nominated.
Judge Bork and the anti-Miers crowd are increasingly defined by their Potter Stewart-like standard for SCOTUS nominees: They'll know a good one when they see it.
(See post here.)

The upshot of this is that the conservative pundits will never unite behind the President and this nominee, no matter how Miers does in the hearings. Their position is not really based on qualifications or a lack thereof. Their complaint is that their crony wasn't picked.




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