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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Three Steps Forward, Take Two More.

Now that the immediate threat of a filibuster is lifted by the defection of 7 Democrats, it's time for Republicans to take advantage of this victory and move as quickly as possible for votes on all of Bush's judicial nominees.

The 7 defecting Democratic Senators agreed not to filibuster 3 justices, Brown, Pryor, and Owens. They made no agreement one way or the other on two others, Henry Saad and William Myers. But they did agree not to support any filibusters absent extraordinary circumstances.

So, Republican leadership should test this agreement immediately. Get Brown, Pryor and Owens through the Senate and then move immediately to debate on Saad and Myers. After a reasonable time move for cloture.

If the 7 defecting Democratic Senators meant what they said when they agreed not to support a filibuster except in extraordinary circumstances, they will have to vote for cloture. If they don't, put the pressure on the 7 wobbly Republican Senators to support the so-called nuclear/constitutional/Byrd option.

If you're not moving forward, you're moving backward.




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