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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Update On Not Your Father's San Diego Anymore

Click here to read a story from the San Diego Daily Transcript that describes in more detail the power shift in the City of San Diego from business to labor.

Click here to see the County Registrar's online report on voter registration. Democratic registration leads Republican 39 to 33 percent in the city. The interesting thing is that Decline to State is the 3d largest "party" at 22 percent.

San Diego County registration tells a different story with Republicans leading Democrats 40 to 35 percent and Decline to State at 20 percent.

Republican strength is strongest in the unincorporated rural areas where the party has a lead over the Democrats 51 to 27 percent. Democrats do best in several of the county's more ethnically diverse cities.

Another interesting stat. The two military cities in the county, Coronado (North Island Naval Air Station and all those retired officers) and Oceanside (Camp Pendleton), show substantial Republican leads over Democrats. If you want to see what your father's San Diego was like, those two are the towns to visit.




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