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Thursday, December 09, 2004

What's a Democracy without rules - Washington State?

It's not just San Diego where Democrats are waging a campaign to ignore the electoral rules because they are unhappy with the election result. In Washington State, where the Democratic candidate for governor lost to the Republican twice, once in the normal count and again in a mandatory machine recount, the Democrats will argue before Washington's Supreme Court on Monday that invalid votes should be counted for their candidate during a hand recount.

The Democrats' argument goes something like this: The right to vote is fundamental; some provisional and absentee ballots were rejected by local election boards because the signatures on the ballots did not match the signatures on the voters' registration; Washington State's law that provides such ballots shall not be counted is preventing every vote from being counted; therefore, the rejected ballots should be counted.

Sound familiar?

Once again Democratic voters have shown themselves unable to vote properly. And once again their party is challenging the validity of an election by arguing that electoral rules should be ignored so that "all the votes are counted." Just another round of undermining democratic government in the name of democracy.



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