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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is that all there is?

Voters in the US have spent this entire election season mentally looking over their shoulders for an Al Qaeda attack ala the Madrid bombing in Spain. Last week Al Qaeda struck and it turned out to be an impotent blow. Instead of attacking the US, Al Qaeda delivered a video tape to Al Jazeera in which Osama threatened the US to behave or else.

The video certainly was professionally done and Osama looked pretty healthy, but Mister America got to ask. So what? Is that it? This is their best shot? Three years after 9/11 all they can do is put together a video taped warning.

What this tells Mister Americano is that the Bush strategy against the Islamist fascists is a good one. Take out Afghanistan and destroy Al Qaeda's base. Divert the Islamists from the American homeland by ovethrowing Saddam and creating a battlefield over there to attract their attacks. Keep moving forward with democratization in both countries to start to change the status quo in the Islamic region.




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