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Saturday, February 19, 2005


California's state motto, Eureka, is rather ironic these days. (For those who don't know, Eureka means "I have found it.") The new California state quarter is supposed to be in circulation. It's available for purchase on the internet as a collectible already. (But why anybody would spend more than 25 cents on a normal quarter mystifies me.) So where are they? I live in California. I spend a lot of money. I get change back from cashiers all the time. I haven't seen a California quarter yet. Nobody I've asked has gotten one either. Did they get released back east and they're making their way west, much like the 49ers did and like most Californians have? Is that it? Is this a performance art stunt designed to emulate the historical settlement of California? I wonder if some of the quarters got sent to Spain, to Mexico, and to the Catholic Church for importation with new immigrants. Perhaps this exchange is happening at the border even now ... "Do you have anything to declare?" "Pues ......"




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